Birth of KIND

KIND is led by two veterans in commercials production – experienced, not old. If you want to activate 50 years of combined experience, just call us as we know what it takes to lead you on a safe journey.

Our directors are some of the greatest talent around, they are the spark of creativity that shines behind the camera.

We producers are the steady hand in the back office that you need, you could say the backbone of everything!

Søren Engberg, the producer you always wanted on your projects who has 20+ years proven track record of local and international success. His practice is to combine creative ideas with highest standards of production in every step of the project, with no disturbance and compromises. His campaigns have earned him a number of awards and proven not only his KIND-powered talent, but also his KIND competitive edge.

Christian Bévort has been around for longer than anyone can remember. This also means that his collection of major awards over the years is second to none, and once you meet him you know he knows what it’s all about. Making him stop talking about how to make the best out of your project  may be the hardest thing, and this is why he is only doing a limited number of projects a year also leaving enough time to be KIND.